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For treatment, natural cure factors are being used: sea water, sapropelic mud, sulphurous waters.

Therapeutic Indications:

  • degenerative rheumatic affections (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis)
  • post-traumatic orthopedic affections (luxations and fractures)
  • anaemia, nutrition diseases (rachitis)
  • respiratory affections (pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, respiratory allergies)
  • dermatologic affections ( psoriasis, salt rheum, neurodermatitis)
  • metabolic affections ( obesity, diabetes, gout)
  • gynecological affections ( adnexitis, metroanexitis, infertility)


hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, electrotherapy, heat cure, mud baths, plants baths, galvanic baths, medical gymnastic , underwater shower, covers with mud and paraffin, dry massage and mud massage, geriatric cure.

Doina Health Spa Resort


Having direct access from Doina Hotel, Doina clinic has gained in time the fully worth international reputation due to the efficiency of the treatments against rheumatism and the obtained results in treating certain conditions.
The Treatment Center was endowed with modern equipment, with bathroom fixture, showers, furniture, in a modern architectural vision, as a result of the renovation of the entire resort.
Everything is arranged so that you can spend a pleasant vacation and load yourself with energy and wellbeing.
Under the “ magical wand’ of the balneologists and the rheumatologists, assisted by the highly qualified medical personnel, The Treatment Center develops a series of complex treatment procedures:

  • Hydrotherapy (massage shower, underwater shower, water gymnastics, plant baths, aromatherapy, sulfur baths, mud baths)
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, Diadinamic, magnetodiaflux, nemectron, galvanic baths)
  • Dry massage
  • Micro sauna and infrared
  • Aerosols
  • Medical gymnastics
  • Wrapping with paraffin

Hora Health Spa Resort

1 june – 15 october: Open

16 october – 31 may: Close

Balada Health Spa Resort

1 june – 15 october: Open

16 october – 31 may: Close

Mangalia Health Spa Resort

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